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Individual Counseling

We can see you in person or online with a secure, no-hassle, video appointment.

Marital and Family Therapy

Life is about relationships. We work with couples or whole families.

Life’s Too Short To Be Miserable

Life is all about relationships.

When your relationships suffer, trouble follows.

No one wants to feel anxious, disconnected, or depressed.

You don’t have to. You were designed for more!

In Our Offices

We see adults, teens, children, couples and families in our counseling practice.

Secure Online Sessions

Never miss another appointment if you can’t come to our office. Experience simple and stress-free video appointments.

Christian Counseling

Our approach is to start with a Christ-centered worldview and then add the best of what the science of human behavior has to offer.

Speaking and Training

Need someone to speak at your church, PTA, or civic club? We have a number of presentations ready to go or we can tailor one for the needs of your organization.

We don’t just want you to feel better.

We want to you BE better!

Christian Counseling

Our approach is to start with a Christ-centered worldview and then add the best of what the science of human behavior has to offer. Relationships – marriage, family, friends – are important. You want to experience success in life without losing sight of what’s truly important. But life keeps getting in the way. The noise of the world keeps crowding out the peace and contentment you crave. You know there is a better you somewhere deep inside; you just can’t quite get there.  More than that you find yourself wondering, “Where is God in all this mess?”. (read more…)

Counseling for Men

Because men and women don’t always think, speak, or act in the same manner. At BMA Counseling we know that men want to solve problems and see results as quickly as possible. That’s why we specialize in counseling for men. (read more…)

Counseling for Kids

We help parents help their kids. We don’t fix children or teens… because they’re not broken. They just need direction and guidance to make good choices. (read more…)

Marriage Counseling

Sometimes two people bring out the best in each other, other times they bring out the worst. Marriage counseling helps a couple function as a team allowing differences to complement one another instead of tearing them apart. (read more…)

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling can help ensure that you and your spouse have a strong, healthy relationship. This kind of counseling will help you identify strengths you can build on, areas for discussion that you might not have looked at, and areas that might become problematic. (read more…)

How It Works

1. We conduct a thorough assessment.

2. Together we develop an Action Plan.

3. You achieve success in your relationships and in life!

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