Beginning Thursday, March 26th all counseling / therapy sessions will be by TeleHealth only.

We are still open and taking new clients. Call the office or schedule online.


Last week the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 (Coronavirus) a pandemic crisis. Over the weekend Governor Kevin Stitt issued an emergency declaration as COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma continue to rise. And for some, anxiety has begun to rise. Maintaining our mental health while trying to stay physically healthy and virus free is important.

What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe

We are following all of the guidelines the CDC recommends:

  • Maintaining social distance (sorry, no handshakes and no hugs). Sessions will start on time to minimize the time you spend in the waiting room.
  • Frequently disinfecting common areas and surfaces.
  • The doors are open so you don’t have to touch the doorknobs / handles
  • Washing hands for 20+ seconds and using hand sanitizer between clients.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk and in the counselor’s office.


Additionally, we offer TeleHealth (HIPAA compliant video-chat) sessions as an alternative to an office visit. Our video platform is very user-friendly; all you need is a web browser, microphone, and a camera (it doesn’t matter if you use a computer, tablet, or phone). If you are using a cell phone you may be asked to download a free app to ensure privacy..

You are welcome to continue coming into the office for appointments, We will be in the office unless advised otherwise by the local public health department or the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

If at any point between sessions you notice a level of fear or anxiety that is concerning to you or difficult to manage, please reach out by text, email, or phone.

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