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If you are like most of the people I work with, you are looking for answers. Relationships – marriage, family, friends – are important to you. You want to experience success in life without losing sight of what’s truly important.


But life keeps getting in the way. The noise of the world keeps crowding out the peace and contentment you crave. You know there is a better you somewhere deep inside; you just can’t quite get there.

Have you ever said (or thought)…

“I love my spouse; but I’m not in love…”
“I know I shouldn’t get that mad over little things…”
“If I could only get my child to cooperate…”
“I don’t want to be anxious (or scared, or depressed); I just can’t help myself…”

Maybe you’ve thought, as one writer put it, “I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate..” If so, you’re in good company. We have all felt this way.

I Can Help

I know what it feels like to be stressed – to try and manage an ever growing To Do List, while still trying to put your attention and effort into the things that matter most – family, friends, faith, and relationships.

There will always be more things to do than there is time to get it all done. The problem isn’t that we don’t have enough time or that we need to be more productive. The answer is to be intentional about getting the right things done. There is truth in the old adage that nobody on their deathbed wished they had spent more time at the office. We are relational beings and life just works better when we pay attention to the primary relationships in our lives.


That means making your relationship with God, your marriage, your children, and relationships with your friends, church, and community top priorities.

My Goal in Maintaining This Website

Through my articles and my counseling practice, my mission is to help people get unstuck. I want to help you become intentional about your relationships at work, at home, in your church, and in your community so that you can be successful in what really matters.

From practical tools for strengthening relationships, to strategies for personal growth and development, to an intentional path to more effective communication and problem-solving skills, my goal is to empower you to do what matters most.

If you’re new to my site (and you likely wouldn’t be on this page if you weren’t), here are some of my most popular posts in each category.

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“The adjuration to be “normal” seems shockingly repellent to me; I see neither hope nor comfort in sinking to that low level… For surely anyone who achieves anything is, essentially, abnormal.”

-Dr. Karl Menninger

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