Go To Marriage Counseling AloneAs the name would suggest, marriage counseling is intended for couples. But sometimes, only one spouse is willing to go. If that describes you, then you may want to go to marriage counseling alone.

One spouse may believe marital therapy won’t be helpful.   Or they might be uncomfortable talking about their problems. Or, maybe they tried counseling once and it wasn’t helpful.  Regardless of the reasons it’s still helpful for the other partner to go to marriage counseling alone.

Below are five reasons why it’s the right decision to go to marriage therapy, even if you go to marriage counseling alone.

  1. One person can make a positive difference in the relationship.  It is a myth that it takes two to improve a marriage. Think of marriage as a dance: if one of you changes the steps the other has to adjust.  There might be a few missteps – or even a stumble – in the beginning, but eventually the couple finds a new rhythm.   

2. You can share your concerns without editing your thoughts. You don’t have to worry about your partner putting you down or devaluing your opinions.  

3. You can practice new ways of saying things to your spouse.  When you go to marriage counseling alone the therapist can help you find the most effective way to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your partner.

4. You get a better understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like. Going to marriage counseling alone gives you the opportunity to explore your own expectations of what a marriage should look like. You can learn what boundaries to set and how to set them. And, you can begin to address the issues you have that were present before the marriage began.

5. Going to marriage counseling alone might be the best way to convince your spouse they need to give marital therapy a try!  Positive change in your life may be the best selling point for counseling.  Some spouses will go to marriage counseling if for no other reason than to make sure the counselor hears both sides of the story.  And, when you go by yourself you can take a long look at the issues you bring into the relationship.

If you live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and there are problems in your marriage, then help available! At BMAcounseling we help couples improve their marriage and find more fun and happiness within the family,

If your husband won’t come to counseling (or your wife doesn’t think marriage counseling will help) we would encourage you to come to counseling alone.  Visit us at BMAcounseling and let’s work toward a more peaceful and fulfilling marriage.