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Children and Teens

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I provide a complete range of psychological and counseling services – including evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment – to children, adolescents, and their families.   I am committed to providing accurate assessment, appropriate diagnosis, and effective treatment to the children and teens (and their families) of the greater Tulsa, OK area.

Children and adolescents can struggle with a wide range of difficulties including:

academic difficulties



feelings of depression

behavior problems at home and in the classroom

anger management and impulse control

eating disorders

conflict with peers

sibling rivalry

video game addiction

porn addiction and sexting

adjusting to blended families

grief and loss

I prefer to begin the counseling process with both parents and children in the counseling office.  The last thing I want to do is set up a situation where the child or teen believes they are “crazy” or “broken” and need to be fixed.  Or where they believe that is what their parents think.

Therapy typically begins with an initial interview with the parents and child in which a preliminary understanding of the problems are explored.  This may be followed by a more extensive evaluation that can include a thorough history of development, health, education, family and peer relationships.  I may use behavior rating scales and/or I may refer elsewhere for psychological testing and assessment. After getting to know the child (or teen) and parents an action plan is developed to help your child function at an effective level.

Confidentiality IS promised to children and adolescents if individual counseling is part of the action plan.  Parents, however, are never left out of the loop. The goal of counseling is for kids to function effectively throughout their lives… not just in the counselor’s office.

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