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Why counseling for men?

Four men sitting on a wall

Counseling for men

Because men and women don’t always think, speak, or act in the same manner. At BMA Counseling we know that men want to solve problems and see results as quickly as possible. That’s why we specialize in counseling for men.

At BMA Counseling we work hard to help men get unstuck. We believe most men know what they want for their life and relationships, they just don’t know how to get there. When the difference between where you want to be and where you are seems huge, we can help you move through the obstacles and achieve your goals. While it is important to understand how the past has shaped who you are, we focus on the present and the future.

For over 35 years, I’ve worked with all kinds of men helping them find success and getting unstuck using an approach that is not only guy friendly it is also:

  • Actionable
  • Collaborative
  • Direct
  • Doesn’t go on forever
  • Focused on solutions
  • Goal oriented
  • Transparent

Bowden McElroy is an expert in counseling men. His training and experience allow him to provide solutions to the problems that are keeping you stuck. In his experiences as a Licensed Professional Counselor, he knows what does and does not work for men. Our approach to counseling is effective, quick, and focused on success.

Dad carrying two small children

Father and children

There are a lot of misperceptions men have about counseling.

A lot of guys think:

  • It is too touchy-feely
  • It involves talking about things over and over and over
  • It takes too long and goes on forever
  • They will have blame and guilt heaped upon them

Got any of these beliefs? Now is the time to get rid of them because BMA Counseling is different. We know how men think, we know what they struggle with, and we know what keeps them stuck. We analyze the problem and come up with a solution that will get you where you want to be.

Couple sitting close looking at a lake

Happy Couple

Think of it this way:

Going to counseling is like hiring a plumber. In a world filled with YouTube videos I can usually figure out what to do but I never have the right tools and it takes me 10 times longer than it should. Then half the time I end up calling a plumber anyway. We hire experts because they have more experience and knowledge than we do. They have the right tools. I do the same thing for men when it comes to their lives and relationships.

Think of going to men’s counseling at BMA as just another way you are being responsible by seeing a problem and getting it fixed. We will help you fix whatever is bothering you, including any of these common problems men face:

  • Affairs
  • Help with Anxiety
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Help with Depression
  • Divorce Advice
  • Marriage Problems
  • Marriage Separation
  • Parenting Issues
  • Porn / Sex Addiction
  • Difficulty transitioning from one phase of life to another

Get started right now by checking out our Blog for valuable help on many of the issues that may be keeping you stuck.