Here are 8 rules for handling digital communication in a healthy way:

  1. Don’t send any emails, texts, tweets, or updates when you are hungry, angry, lonely tired, or bored.
  2. Match the level of emotion with the visibility of the message.
  3. Be careful with people who are one way a screen and another when they are face-to-face with you.
  4. Be aware of your public image: don’t make your digital presence all about you.
  5. Remember: no one is obligated to respond to your tweet, picture, or update. Don’t expect others are waiting with phone in hand to immediately respond to you.
  6. Don’t interrupt a conversation because you need to check your phone. That tells others they are not as important to you as your phone.
  7. Email is for business; tweets, pictures, and updates are for short, to-the-point communication; everything else deserves a phone call.
  8. Remember that you really can live without your phone, computer, or tablet; life won’t end if you take a break from devices every now and then.